“Product worked perfectly.  My friend couldn’t believe how well it worked and how much it simplified life.”

- Paul K.

“We are happy to say that we did in fact use your product with a hand held fogging machine and then used a power wash sprayer to wash down the area using just clear water.   That successfully cleaned the area that we needed, in one treatment.”

- Theresa C.

“My husband spilled red wine on my friend’s expensive white blouse. To make it up to her, I promised I’d get the stains out, take it to a dry cleaner, or buy her a new blouse. I tried everything but nothing worked! Until I sprayed the stains with ZeroMold!

I’d never guess that this magic product can save my friend’s blouse and my money. I can squirt blood stains, grass stains you name it. Just spray it, let it sit for a minute or so and toss in the wash.

It’s an amazing product!”

- Marina L.

“I have tried for several years to clean badly stained grout around my toilets, with no success. I finally found success when I purchased ZeroMold. I bought it to deal with some mould in my shower and thought why not try this on the grout. I sprayed the area, left it for approximately 10 minutes then lightly scrubbed it with an old toothbrush. The next time I looked I couldn’t believe the results. ZeroMold not only cleaned the grout, it looked brand new. This is a fantastic product that I will now use as my main cleaning agent to clean and sanitize throughout the house.”

- Marsha B.